Welcome to OpenBSD Pakistan User's Group

The user group is created to share our experience with our fellows in Pakistan. To increase awareness in organization that OpenBSD is the best open source alternative to Microsoft architecture.

History OpenBSD Pakistan User's Group

The idea of a user group came to our mind in year 2003, when we first installed a distribution of OpenBSD. Previously we were using Linux as the default gateway and firewall. We were looking for secure solutions which runs on even the most basic old i386 machine without the need of upgrade for long years.

With the passage of time we gained knowledge of the OpenBSD. OpenBSD is the smoothest running and the most reliable UNIX available out there with feature like compatibility with Linux and other UNIX distributions. For commercial and educational use it’s a very powerful and robust O.S.


The group membership page is under-construction. Group membership will very soon be opened to all.

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